TasteCalifornia THC Wellness by KT California


Wanna TasteCalifornia?

“It’s a Flavor Explosion;
I Don’t Even Taste the THC”

KT California THC Sodas

Wanna TasteCalifornia? Premium THC Sparkling Soda


“Explosive Smooth Taste,

Purely Nano THC,

No CBD Needed!”

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First Purely Nano THC,

Smooth Sparkling Soda”

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Ultra-Luxe, All Natural, Nano Infused,

THC Smooth Sparkling Sodas

(The First In THC Wellness Soda Category!)

Wellness KT Cali TasteCalifornia Sparkling Sodas

Ultra-Luxe, Super-Premium THC Sparkling Sodas with Nano Blast, Xtreme B-Boost for 20mg Dosing


I Don’t Drink, I Don’t Smoke?
I’m Into Health & Wellness

I Wanna Relax, and Maybe Even Get a Smooth High!

How Can I Try THC-Wellness?

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Try TasteCalifornia
Ultra-Luxe, All Natural,
Premium THC Sparkling Sodas

Nano Blast™ Infused, with Double the Flavor, Half the Sugar™, and
Xtreme B Boost™

Why All The Buzz About the Product?

TasteCalifornia by KT California is the only Ultra-Luxe All Natural Super-Premium THC Sparkling Soda brand on the market and the first to break through the taste barrier with Explosive Taste with No THC taste, NO bitterness, and NO after-taste; with Nano-Blast and Xtreme B Boost. No artificial ingredients. We are also the first 20mg drink with a resealable Dosing Cap.

We understand, that many if not most of us want to RELAX and or get a SMOOTH HIGH, but want an alternative to smoking (Cannabis) and drinking alcohol.

“It’s a Flavor Explosion;
I Don’t Even Taste the THC”

Wanna TasteCalifornia?

KT California THC Sodas

Ultra-Luxe, All Natural, NanoBlast Infused, XTreme B-Boost in 4 Flavors

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