Welcome to KT California’s Original OG Kushtown Brands featuring OG KOLA!


OG Kushtown Soda by KT California

Original Kushtown Soda by KT California

KT California is offering the Original OG Kushtown THC Soda. Ask for it at your local Dispensary and Delivery.

Julian Hall, the original heir to the OG Kushtown Brands, and co-founder of KT California,
has licensed the OG Kushtown KOLA for release for California Licensed Dispensaries and Deliveries.

The suits now appear at the top of the industry,
but the industry felt the Kushtown family’s ubiquitous influence, which still lives loud. 

Taste the Original OG Kushtown Lifestyle.  

Julian Hall Co Founder KT and Kushtown California

Kushtown California THC Sodas