Ultra-Luxe All Natural, Super-Premium
THC Sparkling Sodas,
with Double the Flavor,
Half the Sugar™, and
Xtreme B Boost™

KT Media is the special marketing arm for KTCalifornia™ and TasteCalifornia

Joint Marketing Campaign with Select Licensed California Dispensaries and Deliveries


Why All The Buzz About the Product?: KT California is the only Ultra-Luxe All Natural Super-Premium THC Sparkling Soda brand on the market and the first to break through the taste barrier with Explosive Taste with No THC taste, NO bitterness, and NO after-taste; with Nano-Blast and Xtreme B Boost. We are also the first 20mg drink with a resealable Dosing Cap.


Our reviews are off-the-chart; no company has better reviews and endorsements. Reviews

Ultra-Luxe All Natural, Super-Premium THC Sparkling Sodas, with Double the Flavor, Half the Sugar™, and Xtreme B Boost™


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The Untapped Cannabis Wellness Market; The Silent Majority:


KT California products, such as the Ultra-Luxe All Natural, Super-Premium THC Sparkling Sodas, with Double the Flavor, Half the Sugar™, and Xtreme B Boost™, were specifically designed for penetration into the largest UNTAPPED segment of the Cannabis marketplace: The Wellness Consumer. The Wellness Consumer is not necessarily a customer willing to smoke cannabis and or drink alcohol. Most will not. But most want to RELAX and or get HIGH. The stats reveal that the boomers and younger generations are shying away from drinking alcohol, and smoking. This is the SILENT MAJORITY.


KT Media is and has been actively testing marketing penetration tactics to fulfill this strategy. Select Dispensaries and Deliveries will be offered special joint marketing campaign programs to retailers of KTCalifornia™ and TasteCalifornia™ products. KT Media is about to launch online marketing campaigns to drive sales of our THC BEVERAGES to your dispensary store. We need the following listed below from each Dispensary and Delivery to optimize its effectiveness for both of us, and the development of the largest and most lucrative untapped market in the Cannabis space.


Our Added Value:


KT Media™ (part of the series Kushpacker, LLC and KT California, LLC family), offers select California Dispensaries and Deliveries joint purposed marketing and media services or consultations to (1) enhance sales of KTCalifornia™ and TasteCalifornia™ products through such Dispensary and or Delivery. KT Media designs explicitly products to take advantage of the UNTAPPED NICHES in the marketplace including the largest untapped (potential) consumers in the cannabis marketplace (TAM, SOM, SAM).

What does this mean for RETAILERS (Dispensaries/Deliveries) of the KTCalifornia™ and TasteCalifornia™ products? It implies that KT Media ventures may enhance existing sales, and simultaneously open sales with new market consumers, exponentially increasing sales for the KTCalifornia™ and TasteCalifornia™ products and the special purposed California Dispensaries and Deliveries.


What We Need from Select California Dispensaries and Deliveries:


To realize the potential benefits of this relationship, we need each select California Dispensary and Delivery to actively engage in this strategy. To do so we specifically need the following:


1. Make a BEVERAGES Category and PREMIUM BEVERAGES Category on your site and highlight the KT California Brand Sodas; and
2. Create a “/KTCalifornia” web PAGE with your Retail Order Button on your site, whether hidden or not, KT Media will drive consumers to this page; and
3. Supply us with the LINK(s) to our Brand Products and Offers on your site; and
4. Also, we are also using GEO LOCATION and EMAIL marketing to bring in new customers (from the untapped THC Wellness Marketplace); thus,
5. KT Media will blast to eMAIL and GEO Locations which must be jointly endorsed to take effect. If you can Email Blast our KT Premium Brand THC Sodas OFFER in your store/brand email system, we will supply you with the Native or Programmatic Adcopy, or the Headlines1,2,3, Description, Discount & Stacked Offer(s), and Artwork for your own marketing team to design and blast. Otherwise, we can blast your elist from our system after approval of the Adcopy. We can also blast our GEO targets which will benefit both of us and the industry.

Wanna TasteCalifornia?

It’s a Flavor Explosion; 

I Don’t Even Taste the THC!

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TasteCalifornia Ultra-Luxe All Natural Premium THC Sparkling Soda, with Nano Blast and XTreme B Boost.

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Truly, Julian Hall Director of Sales