Better, Healthier, Natural Cannabis-Infused Beverages

KT California was developed out of hearts of compassion for the care and well-being of others. While one of the founder’s great Aunt who was dying of cancer, there was great desperation to help heal her pain. Hence there was the creation of the 1st Medicinal Cannabis-Infused Soda in the late 90’s in her support. She is alive and well today. Another one of the founders, who has always been an Education and Health advocate, helped author the 1st independent study for Traumatic Brain Injury among former professional football players. The heart compassion behind the real- life stories of care, became the catalyst in the start of KT California, a “Better Healthier Natural Cannabis-Infused Products” Company.

KT California is a Minority-Owned, socially responsible Company that is focused on helping to create positive change, using sustainable products and give back to the communities that need support.

"KT California is simply the best tasting Cannabis-Infused Premium Sparkling Soda on the market."

Our mission is helping increase the quality of life for people by educating, creating and distributing innovative research-based products for health & wellness! Having a vision to see that all people live a Better Healthier Life by using Better Healthier Products.

Active lifestyles and physical activities improve health, which is an earmark of the California Scene and the purpose we developed KT California as a lifestyles product to match and envelope that vibe in our products. You don’t physically have to be in California when you enjoy our products, but you will feel that California vibe like millions of Californians do…

You Can Feel it. Taste California