KT California™ Nano-Blast™ Premium Sparkling Soda

  • Platinum OG Kola ™
  • Pineapple Thrill™
  • Strawberry Pop™
  • Lemon Lime Xplosion™

Lemon Lime Xplosion™

Explosion of Lemon & Lime flavors that release a Naturally clean and Refreshing taste that will feel like an X-plosion of Citrus Flavors.

Strawberry Pop™

Natural Strawberry Flavor that has a Burst of Fruit Taste and a Pop of Clean Refreshing Carbonation that Targets your Senses…

Pineapple Thrill™

Relax and Chill with our Pineapple Thrill. Strong Natural Pineapple Flavor that releases a Powerful Smooth Creamy taste.

Platinum OG Kola™

Platinum Kola has a rich Cola Taste and Extreme Bubbly Carbonation that gives it the Old-time Classic Cola taste with a Surprise finishing Flavor.

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